The New DUSK Trailer Looks Bloody Awesome

Forged within the inspirational fires of DOOMQuakeHalf-Life and Redneck Rampage, upcoming blood-soaked FPS DUSK has just received a fresh trailer ahead of Quakecon.

DUSK is a retro style shooter that dares players to survive the brutal waves of cultists, possessed militants and ungodly forces in the heart of the American Northeast. At your disposal are saw-blades, ancient dual-wielded shotguns and grenade launchers, which should come in handy during the Endless Survival Mode especially.

Sporting graphics directly from the 90’s, DUSK‘s latest trailer shows off the core and gore gameplay, which is spread out across 33 levels of intense carnage. There are three singleplayer campaign episodes, but expect a comprehensive multiplayer reveal during Quakecon. Metal connoisseur Andrew Hulshult lends his compositional abilities for the game’s soundtrack, which you can get a taste of here.

DUSK is scheduled to release for PC sometime this year. Add it to your Steam wishlist today.