Below: Where To Find Every Helmet & What They Do | Equipment Guide

Below sends you into a subterranean world that’s full of darkness, and you’ll need every little bit of help you can get to survive. Like any rogue-like, you’ll make frequent trips into the randomly-generated dungeons, attempting to make progress and learn the game’s idiosyncrasies to beat the odds and delve just one floor more. Below is especially cruel, and doesn’t even explain what the many items you find in the darkness actually do.

Helmets, hats, or skulls are one such item you’ll locate in Below, and they can be incredibly useful. One helmet glows, so you won’t need to use up precious crystals to see in the dark. Another lowers the damage you’ll take in the darkness, while other helmets give you stronger arrows or warmth on cold floors. There’s a handy use for every helm, and you can safely swap them out at your hideout pocket. Learn where to get all the helms and what they can do for you in the guide below.

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Where To Find Every Helmet & What They Do | Equipment Guide


Helmets are special equippable items you can find while exploring the deep depths in Below. Helmets may not always appear in the exact same place, but they will generally spawn in the locations listed below.

  • Crystal Skull: Gives your character a lantern-like glow and reveals nearby traps. Allows you to explore without the lantern.
    • Location: Floor 3 – Can be purchased from a vendor for 80 light crystals. Located behind a stone barrier that requires 200 light crystals to open.
  • Dark Helm: Gives your character general damage reduction and reduces damage from darkness tentacles that spawn in Floor 10+.
    • Location: Floor 7 – Can be purchased from the vendor for 80 light crystals.
  • Fang Skull: Reflects damage from enemy attacks back onto enemies.
    • Location:¬†Floor 9 – Enter a large chamber guarded by undead. Continue to travel down to find an altar with the skull.
  • Horn Skull: Currently unknown.
    • Location: Floor 3 – Located behind a door with a strange symbol. Hit the matching floor symbol with the Tempest Hammer to unlock the door.
  • Iris Skull: Your character deals more damage with arrows.
    • Location: Floor 10 – Unlock the shortcut from Floor 10 back to the starting point. There’s a chest with the Iris Skull next to the lift.
  • Toque: Provides some warmth. Useful for floors with extreme cold. Can be stacked with armor.
    • Location: Floor 4 – On the freezing cold floor, find a side-room with strange markings on the wall. Break through the barrier with bombs or bomb arrows.
  • Void Helm: Sucks in nearby light crystals. You won’t need to chase them all down — as long as you get close, you’ll collect them. Great when you’re on the move in Floor 10+.
    • Location: Floor 15/16 – Deep in the darkness, look for a room that’s completely black with strange rocks with red marks. Blow through both barriers to reach the helm.

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