Below Tentatively Gazing at 2018 Release

Two Augusts ago, Capybara Games (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EPSuper Time Force) handed fans a crushing blow when it announced Below had been indefinitely delayed.

This followed several prior postponements after its initial announcement in 2013, so the news that Below is back from the dead is nothing short of a miracle. It appears Capybara was keeping a low profile during GDC, but is much more vocal now that PAX East is underway. Fitting, since our first time diving into Below‘s smoky, rogue-like depths was also at PAX East. We thought it was a nuanced journey of discovery, and never too explicit in its demands; one that kept us thirsting for more.

Why the delay, then? Capybara didn’t get too specific, but suggested it was necessary to go off the grid in order to get Below back into “a good place”.

Of course, Below isn’t the only game out there that’s hit multiple road blocks on the road to release. One of the most notable examples that comes to mind is The Last Guardian, which finally overcame nine years worth of turbulence to release in 2016.

Capybara revealed that it’s looking at a 2018 release schedule for Below, which will be playable on PC and Xbox One. Even if it doesn’t end up making the 2K18 window, it’s still good to see it back on our screens.