Red Dead Redemption 2: Struggling With The Controls? Try Changing These Settings

If you’re frustrated with the sluggish controls in Red Dead Redemption 2, there are a few settings you can chance that might improve your situation.

The most important settings can be accessed through the pause menu, and from there you can speed up just about anything — you can set buttons to toggle instead of tap, or speed up your aiming speed. You can disable the auto-aim feature for a smoother shooting experience, or remove the annoying thumbstick deadzone.

All of these settings, when changed, can make the game feel much more responsive. These changes aren’t for everyone — some fans, like myself, don’t really mind the slow controls. But, seeing as you’ll be playing as Arthur for a good 50+ hours, it’s worth checking out the settings menu and seeing what works for you and what doesn’t. Here are all the community-suggested changes I’ve found.

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Controller & Settings Tips Guide

If you’re looking for snappier aiming, easier movement, and more accurate movements on your thumbsticks, change the following standard settings.

  • Recommended Control Settings:
    • Max Aim / Look Acceleration Speed
    • Set the Dead Zone to Zero
    • Increase Button Hold Speed
    • Switch Sprint Button [Cross /A] to Toggle instead of Tap.

Additional Tip: Tap [View / Touch] to change view to First Person when looted.

If you’re looking to improve gunplay even more, and want to mess around with the settings to change your experience, here are a few more recommendations.

  • Additional / Optional Control Settings:
    • Lock-Mode: Normal (Disable for Free Aim)
    • Aim Assist Strength: 1/4 (Removes magnetization on target. You’ll point your weapon at an enemy, but it won’t be magnetically stuck on them. Just points you in the right direction.)
    • Look Sensitivity: 10/14 (Not too sensitive, but lets you move the camera slightly more intuitively while exploring.)
    • First Person Field of View: Max (If you’re using First Person for exploring indoors, this is the easiest way to see the most stuff.)
    • Kill Effects: Disable

You can also disable the Special Edition Bonus Stats / Cash in the Settings if you want to play without those additions.