Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Week 7 Challenges Guide | Stage Chests & Treasure Locations [VIDEO]

Want to earn some of the brand new costumes available in Fortnite: Season 5? You’ll need to collect Battle Stars and complete challenges. And we’ve got all the locations you need to finish up Week 7 without any hassle.

This week takes a break and makes your life mostly easy. There’s a map for a hidden Battle Star in Dusty Divot, but the actual location isn’t far away at all. In fact, the map shows a mustachioed stone statue that’s visible from Dusty Divot. And that’s the hardest of the three challenges shown in the video above.

You’ll also need to visit four named areas and open five chests. The chest locations are called out in stages — just visit the location listed below, find a chest, and open it. That can be a little tricky to do in a single game, but you can take all the time you need. The areas you’ll visit include Tomato Temple and Risky Reels, spots that got a facelift in the most recent version 5.3 patch. It’s all worth doing for those sweet, sweet cosmetic goodies.

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Week 7 Challenges Guide | Stage Chests & Treasure Locations

  • Challenge: Treasure Map In Dusty Divot
    • Battle Star Location: Dusty Divot – In a small outcropping of trees, just northwest of Dusty Divot. They’re the trees near the road to Loot Lake, right behind a big statue head with a stone mustache.
      • Map Coordinates: F4 [Just off the road to Loot Lake on the square. Look for a stone head with a mustache to easily spot it.]

For this weekly collectible challenge, all you need to do is find randomly generated chests. No special collectibles at all. The challenge sends you to named areas where you’ll need to locate and open a chest. These chests appear in different places every single time, so go searching in the rooftops of buildings, in attics, or anywhere to find them.

  • Challenge: 5 Stages & Chest Locations
    • Stage #1: C3 [Pleasant Park]
    • Stage #2: H6 [Retail Row]
    • Stage #3: F10 [Lucky Landing]
    • Stage #4: C7 [Greasy Grove]
    • Stage #5: I8 [Paradise Palms]