Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Check Out Tomato Temple & A Real-Time Movie Showing | Update 5.3 Map Changes

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s epic, ever-changing map got a facelift today with the 5.3 patch — Tomato Town is gone, replaced with Tomato Temple. Not only that, but the theater in Risky Reels is showing a movie that’s worth checking out, if you can pull yourself away from the nonstop battling.

Both are featured in the video above, or you can keep scrolling to learn more about each location. Tomato Town is no more, replaced with an entirely different area called Tomato Temple — and it’s a pretty huge change. The movie is the more interesting Easter egg, but Tomato Temple completely changes the flow of battle in Tomato Town, turning a standard, cookie-cutter location into a stand-out area on the Battle Royale map. It’s really awesome.

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Season 5: Patch 5.3 Map Changes | Tomato Temple & Movie At Risky Reels

So, what’s changed in 5.3? As stated in the intro, this update is all about Tomato Town and Risky Reels. Both areas picked up some major changes, and some changes are bigger than others.

  • Tomato Town v5.3 Changes:
    • Tomato Town is now Tomato Temple, a ruined area with the old Tomato Town sign at the center. The temple itself consists of a forest area with old houses on the outskirts. In the temple, you’ll find underground interiors with plenty of places to hide.
  • Risky Reels v5.3 Changes:
    • Risky Reels has recovered from the meteorite landing, and no longer has a huge crater in the center. The area is cleaned up, with a blockbuster trailer playing on the projector. You can sit back and watch the entire trailer, too! It shows the countdown that lead to the rocket launch that kicked off Season 5.

And that’s everything new worth checking out. What new changes are coming to Fortnite? Probably a whole bunch more when Season 6 rolls out later this year. Check back at Gameranx soon, because we’re covering the weekly challenges and road trip star locations.