Pokemon Quest: 10 Tips To Help You Get Started | Beginner’s Guide

#5: You Can Replay Previous Expeditions To Level Up & Evolve

Eventually, you’ll find that your Pokemon just can’t keep up with the increasingly difficult Expeditions. When that time comes, you can do a few things – you can enhance the Pokemon you have with Gems, cook up a meal in the pot and wait for new Pokemon to arrive, or replay previous Expeditions you’ve already completed to get extra XP. You won’t earn as much XP for doing those early missions – and the further you got back, the less XP you earn.

Replaying old Expeditions is a great way to speed up your cooking timer and earn a little XP. You’ll also find extra Power Stones and ingredients.


#6: Ditch Power Stones You Don’t Need Anymore

You only have a limited amount of space in your inventory, so eventually you’re going to have to start recycling Power Stones. As you progress across the island, you’ll find better and better Power Stones, so there’s no reason to keep those crummy old ones anyway. Ditch them the minute you find something better – you’ll want as much room as you can get for all the new Power Stones you’ll find.

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#7: You Don’t Need Microtransactions – But Here’s What They Do

There are two types of microtransactions – box upgrades and exclusive decorations for your Base Camp. Every day, you’ll earn PM Tickets – go to the store and claim them every 22 hours. They’re totally free, and you can spend them to skip cooking times. PM Tickets are the premium currency of Pokemon Quest, but you can enjoy the game without spending any of the stuff.

There are benefits – and you earn PM Tickets through quests, too. Make sure to check your Quest tab often to claim your rewands, then you can hop into the store and buy useful decorations. Decorations make your Base Camp even more efficient – some decorations give you double ingredient drops, more Battery Charges, better Pokemon, and more. They don’t cost too much, so you can start buying decorations right away.

The second type of microtransaction are box expansions. You can purchase a Pokemon Box Expansion or a Stone Box Expansion for 50 PM Tickets each. You’ll get 20 more Pokemon or 20 more Power Stone slots – I recommend spending your PM Tickets on these early. The more you can carry, the better.

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