Vampyr: How To Make All 4 Districts Hostile | ‘London’s Burning’ Guide

Eat too many citizens in Vampyr, and you might just cause a district to fall into the dreaded “Hostile” status. Each section of London has its own epidemic meter, and the healthier you keep the inhabitants, the better the situation will be. If you can manage to keep everyone (including the pillar of the community) alive and well, you might even hit the “Sanitized” tier, effectively eliminating sickness in the area.

But here we’re going to focus on the opposite. There are two trophies / achievements you can unlock for turning a region hostile — “Anarchy in the UK” and “London’s Burning” — and both are surprisingly tricky to earn. You can’t just wait for sickness to reveal itself slowly. No, you need to go hunting and make these areas fall. If you’re curious to see what happens, we’ve taken some pictures — the maps themselves change drastically. It’s worth checking out once… if you’ve remembered to back-up your save file.

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How To Make All 4 Districts Hostile | ‘London’s Burning’ Guide


Turning all four districts hostile isn’t as easy as it sounds. Each district has a pillar of the community, and if you don’t “deal” with that pillar, you can’t unlock the ‘London’s Burning’ achievement / trophy. That means you can’t unlock this achievement until very late in the game.

When you turn a district hostile, the map will change dramatically. To do that, you need to kill citizens and let disease run rampant without providing medicine. The more you kill, the faster the district status will drop.

  • When a district becomes hostile, a message pop-up will appear after you sleep stating that the neighborhood is lost.
  • All citizen in the district will die or go missing. All investigations will stop. You can continue to complete main story quests in these areas.
  • Enemies will spawn in previously safe areas, and all indoor locations will be destroyed and boarded up. You won’t be able to access community areas anymore.
  • Blood, dead bodies, fire and thick fog will envelop areas destroyed by the epidemic when they become hostile. You’ll find Skals, Volkuds, Beasts and Vampires roaming the streets.

It’s actually a cool sight to see if you’re curious. Be warned — there’s no going back if you turn a district hostile. All deaths and disappearances are permanent. If you want to avoid a permanent end, simply back up your save file.

  • NOTE: If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, upload a safe save file to the cloud. Select your game and then select Upload / Download Save File. Upload a fresh save, then complete this achievement / trophy, then download your save file later to get back your good file.

When you’re ready to start spreading chaos, here’s what you need to do.

  • London’s Burning – Step-by-Step
    1. Kill as many citizens as possible. Wait until the end of the game — when you reach Mesmerize Level 5, you’ll be able to eat as many people as you want.
    2. A district WILL NOT become hostile, even if the meter has dropped below critical, until you’ve chosen the fate of the pillar of the community.
      • It doesn’t matter what you choose. The pillar of the community can be alive / dead. You just need to resolve the main story quest and get past the decision.
    3. If you don’t want to back-up your save file, you can wait until the end of the game to safely hunt. After creating the Antidote at a Workshop, you can do whatever you want. The next stage of the game is the end.
    4. Travel to each district and consume multiple people. You’ll need to eat at least half of the population in each zone.
    5. Return to a bed and sleep. Sickness will spread, but sickness alone won’t cause a district to become hostile. Continue to sleep, over and over, until the stability meter stops. When it stops going down, hunt more people, then sleep again.

If you’ve dealt with all four pillars of each community — either spared / killed them — then you’ll be able to unlock the ‘London’s Burning’ achievement / trophy.