Far Cry 5: The Best ARCADE Maps (So Far) Showcase | Launch Week [3/30]

Popping off grenades in the post-apocalyptic city.

Far Cry 5 isn’t just about clearing the valley of Hope County, Montanan of zealous cultists — it’s also about creating your own weird levels. Taking a page from Ubisoft’s other oddball franchise, Trials, you can now create custom levels using a wide range of pallettes in the ARCADE Editor, and the developers at Ubisoft plan to release regular updates with new content for creating the multiplayer or singleplayer maps of your dreams.

It’s actually a pretty impressive tool, and while new releases are limited in the first week, there’s still some diamonds in the rough worth checking out. There are recreations of awesome video games past (Raccoon City, Blood Gulch, and many others) — along with a bunch of fresh creative efforts straight from the developers at Ubisoft. Here’s hoping to even wilder stuff in the future, but for now it’s exciting that we’re getting any support for customizable content on consoles. Check out a bunch of awesome maps below.

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The Best ARCADE Maps (So Far) | Launch Week [3/30]


County Jail Breakout

  • By: Ubisoft
  • Type: Bounty Hunt

The first of many maps by Ubisoft that shows just what the ARCADE editor is capable of. In this level, you’ll have to sneak out of a prison, take out prisoners with melee weapons, then fight through the guards to reach the warden. When he’s taken out, it’s all about escaping using the tools you’ve collected so far. It’s a simple, straightforward, but complex map that’s a cool lesson in level design — much like most of the maps Ubisoft releases themselves.

Safe haven

  • By: Ubisoft
  • Type: Solo / Co-op – Journey

A long singleplayer journey that’s probably the most detailed map available on the ARCADE so far, Safe Haven shows just how powerful the ARCADE editor can be in the right hands. This map looks miles away from the standard Far Cry 5 template, set in a post-apocalyptic city crawling with soldiers, you’ll have to duck and weave through debris and fight through bombed streets to escape. Call it Crysis-inspired.

Resident Evil 2 v2 

  • By: Lord_Reyko
  • Type: Solo / Co-op – Journey

This recreation of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 is filled with mindless undead — or the closest approximation. You’ll have to fight drugged-out Angel cultists to reach the end, and pass through multiple cool little set piece recreations from RE2. There’s the Kendo Gun Store, the burnt street barricade, and the RPD.

Sunken City

  • By: Ubisoft
  • Type: Solo / Co-op – Outpost

One of many awesome maps officially released by Ubisoft. The Sunken City is a simple sneaking outpost mission, but what makes it cool is the level of detail, and the uniqueness of the location — it’s a city submerged underwater! That’s really awesome, and the outpost takes place all across overgrown rooftops that have been transformed into a cultist fortress.


  • By: Slimkane
  • Type: Solo / Co-op – Assault

Welcome back to Nuketown, that famous reoccurring Call of Duty map. This time, you can play it singleplayer (or with friends) while fighting off an army of cultists. If you’re looking for some mindless fun, this is a pretty great map — just start blasting fools that spawn all over the map. Just like the real Nuketown.

Upside Down

  • By: Ubisoft
  • Type: Solo / Co-op – Journey

Showing a different side to the ARCADE, this map doesn’t even give you a weapon or spawn enemies to fight. It’s a pure exploration map, where you’ll navigate topsy-turvy rooms filled with creepy imagery. All you have to do is reach the exit. Just check out the gallery to get an idea of how surreal and strange this map can get. If you’re a fan of the Trials series, you’re probably familiar with the deluge of spooky / horror maps in that game. I can only guess, but there are probably going to be a lot more in Far Cry 5.


  • By: Ubisoft
  • Type: Team Deathmatch

Instead of going for the straightforward Call of Duty style of multiplayer map, this official map is a throwback to the good old days of Team Deathmatch. The map is designed with two opposing spawn points with a large area in the center designed specifically for conflict — there are even weapons and power-ups to pick-up. Now that’s old-school.

Other Maps Worth Checking Out:

  • Blood Gulch (Multiplayer)
    • It’s a little recreation of Blood Gulch from Halo. Who can so no to that?
  • Pirate Brawl (Multiplayer)
    • When you want to shoot each other with explosive shot, but don’t want to go buy Sea of Thieves quite yet.
  • Rust MW2 (Multiplayer)
    • Another famous map recreation in Far Cry 5. It’s a lot better than most of the crappy maps available right now.