Wolfenstein 2: Captain Wilkins DLC – All Gold Locations | Collectibles Guide

There’s no gold worse than Nazi gold. The stuff pops up in the strangest places when you’re playing Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, and that doesn’t change in the final DLC episode, ‘The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins’ — swapping out B.J. with a different former US Army soldier. Captain Wilkins is an old man, but he didn’t give up the fight.

So, why not reward the good Captain with some free gold? Gold is the most hidden of the many different collectibles — usually it’s in places you won’t normally look, or you’ll have to look real hard. If you’re not really into the whole lengthy-searching thing, just browse down to find the exact locations for each gold piece, plus a gallery of images (in order) showing the locations off.

All Gold Locations | Collectibles Guide

Gold is the standard collectible type in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. There are four gold bricks found in each volume, and two gold collectibles total. These don’t do anything — except unlock and achievement / trophy for finding them all.


Volume 1

  • Gold #1: In the first room, jump across the water and climb the opposite ladder to reach the left platform. At the top of the ladder, turn right to see the gold on the cart.
  • Gold #2: After dropping out of the vents that lead to the second officer patrol area, immediately turn left as you leave the closet. Climb the stairs to a small dead end — there’s gold in the left shelf.
  • Gold #3: Ride the elevator shaft up and then use stilts to climb on top of the truck to reach the upper walkways in the garage. There’s an open door to the left — ignore it and go right to find gold.
  • Gold #4: The last gold collectible in Volume 1 is found in the final room. Fight to the hangar with the truck you need to steal to exit, then search the back-left corner. There’s a Nazi half-track with a set of gold on the opposite side.

Volume 2

  • Gold #1: In the large train station where you’ll have to kill two officers, look on the opposite side from the entrance. Under the yellow control room, there’s a floor with an open cargo container near the stairs on the right. Check inside to find a gold collectible.
  • Gold #2: Later in the mission, you’ll enter a red-walled office. Go to the upper-floor, back-left corner and use stilts to climb onto the platform. The gold is on the left wall.
  • Gold #3: When you crawl into the maintenance area with the turning gears and machinery, kill the first engineer then drop down into the crawlspace to the left of the first machine. Down below, the gold bricks are on the barrel.
  • Gold #4: After being betrayed at the second cannon control room, enter the locker room. Inside the locker room, look to the ceiling on the left ceiling — use stilts to bounce up into the open ceiling vent.

Volume 3

  • Gold #1: Drop down from the entrance to the torpedo bay (second officer area) and find an open vent to the left, near the top of the steps. It leads to a small room with the gold in the back corner.
  • Gold #2: In the red-hued maintenance hatches, use the stilts to reach the upper catwalk before climbing up into the torpedo bay. In the dead end, there’s a platform above with a gold brick.
  • Gold #3: After completing the third officer stealth area, use the stilts in the maintenance shaft. Look on the platform directly above the vent exit to find this gold.
  • Gold #4: When you’re done dealing with the General at the end of the level, check out the left side of the control room. The last gold collectible is on the green terminal.

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