The Inpatient: How To Save (Or Kill) Everyone | Endings Guide

Your choices define what (and what doesn’t) happen in The Inpatient, a PSVR exclusive prequel to the interactive story-telling of Until Dawn. Instead of jumping between characters, you take the role of the titular inpatient in a mental facility briefly visited in Until Dawn. The terrifying events that transpired there are experienced in first-person, with you in control.

And it’s all about what choices you make. Depending on how you react to different events, you’ll either leave the asylum with a group of survivors, or create a trail of corpses in your wake. There are only a handful of pivotal decisions, but those decisions will help you earn unique trophies — so there’s always a reason to replay. Let’s dive in, and learn exactly what to do to survive one bad night.

For the best possible understanding of the events, you’ll also need to find all 21 memories — check out the locations guide to get every collectible in The Inpatient.

How To Save (Or Kill) Everyone | Endings Guide

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll update this guide as we learn more about the different endings and choices.]


Before getting into the details, there are a few important facts we need to get out of the way. First; some characters will always die, no matter what you do. Second; you can’t save your progress or select chapters, so if you make a choice, it’s locked-in for that play through. You’ll have to restart from the beginning to try a different path.

The Inpatient is designed to be highly replayable. So it will take several playthroughs to see every possible outcome from your choices. We recommend at least two sessions — the game only takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete.

With the preface out of the way, there are two pivotal moments that can lead to preventable deaths. You only need to save Ted, David and Suzanne to get the best possible ending.

  • How to Save David: Do exactly as David says from the moment you meet him, and he’ll be okay.
    • Killing David will earn you the Blood on Your Hands trophy.
  • How to Save Suzanne: When crossing the courtyard path to reach the church, you must volunteer to go first. Stay still when you’re told to.
    • If you don’t stay still, or send her first, she will get killed. Sending her first will earn you the Sacrificial Lamb trophy.

Other than saving / killing David and Suzanne, there are many other optional deaths or rescues. Most of them won’t last no matter what you choose. Only Ted / David / Suzanne actually “matter” to the game.

  • Later, in Bragg’s office, you can choose to leave him or make him join you. Tell him to come with you.
    • If you tell Bragg to stay, you’ll earn the Depths of Despair trophy.
  • You’ll save Victor near the end of the game. Just wait for him to get through the elevator door after landing on his floor, then continue up to the cart station.
  • At the very end, if no one else is around, you can decide to kill Ted rather than be the last one to press the button and make the ultimate sacrifice.