Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition – How to Do Daily Challenges | Missions Guide [UPDATED: 1/18]

Daily Challenges in Street Fighter 5 are special missions you can complete for an instant infusion of Fight Money. The challenges are actually weekly (6 days per challenge) and most of them are left completely unexplained. If you’re looking at the Daily Challenges list and you have no idea what to do — we’ve got the answers right here.

Most of the challenges, at this point, are cycling through the same unexplained missions. Just press Ctrl+F and type in the name of the mission to skip straight to it. There are lots of missions, and most of the mysterious ones are linked to interacting with the environment. You can push characters into special stage events or make interesting things happen in the background — if you know what to do.

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How to Do Daily Challenges | Missions Guide

[Updated: 1/18]: Added new Street Fighter: Arcade Edition daily mission.


All Daily Challenges listed here reward you with 2500 FM for completion.

  • A Game of Push and Pull: Knockdown in the center of City in Chaos until the red car flips over.
  • Blunder Bus: KO an opponent on the right side of the Bustling Side Street stage to end with an animation.
  • Come One, Come All: Knock your opponent into the left wall of the China Street stage so they’re knocked through the building. Defeat your opponent near the left side again and a bowl of noodles will land on their head.
  • Datta’s Wish: Win a battle India with Dhalsim.
  • Funny Guy: Do strong (heavy) attacks near the janitor on the left side of the Union Station stage until the janitor falls into a bucket.
  • Ishizaki’s Appeal: Knockdown on the right side of the Kanzuki Estate stage until the waitress reacts with an animation.
  • It’s Only Missile Disarmament: Knockdown on the right side of the Shadowloo Base until missiles launch in the background.
  • No Work and All Play: Knockdown on the far right of City in Chaos until fire hydrant breaks and shoots water.
  • Remember that Dress?: Complete Ken’s character story. Specifically, the Epilogue chapter.
  • Respectful Spectating: Knockdown in the center of the Russian Arena stage until the bear in the background sits.
  • Safety Measures: Jump and attack the neon lights in the center of the Bustling Side Street stage until they’re completely broken.
  • Sakura’s Urgent Errand: Complete Karin’s character story. Specifically, watch the Epilogue chapter with Sakura.
  • Shibasaki’s Request: Complete Dhalshim’s character story. Specifically, the R. Mika battle.
  • Short Tailed Bat Colony: Knockdown on the right side of the Forgotten Waterfall / Mysterious Cove stage until bats fly out of the cave.
  • Sleeping Dog: Knockdown near the dog on the India stage until it reacts.
  • Special Move Sensation: Perform a 4-hit combo on the Kanzuki Estate stage to make ninjas appear in the background. Alternatively, win a battle on Kanzuki Estage on Round 3.
  • The Rumored Four Kings Statue: Complete FANG’s story mode.
  • We Salute Thee, Four Kings: Win a battle on Shadowloo Base with Bison, FANG, Vega, or Balrog.
  • You Toucan Be Friends: Knockdown on the right side of Brazil until the Toucans react in the background.