Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition – Alter Costumes With This Code | Secrets Guide

Don’t like all those extra articles of clothing on your costumes in Street Fighter 5? You can actually alter almost every costume with a simple code — just hold down a certain set of buttons before the match begins to remove bits of your selected costume. Sometimes, you’ll even add or change the costume, and one character gets an entirely new entrance.

The secret code is confirmed to work for lots of DLC costumes. So many, we haven’t been able to try them all. See how to alter costumes and find a long list of examples in the text below.

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Alter Costumes With This Code | Secrets Guide

To alter costumes, you’ll need to hold a specific button combo while the stage is loading. This will alter many costumes in the game in some way — but first, let’s go over the basic steps to input the code.

  • How to Alter Costumes | Code Input
    • Select a character.
    • While the stage is loading, hold the following buttons.
    • LP+MP+HP+LK+Up
      • [Light Punch] + [Medium Punch] + [Heavy Punch] + [Light Kick] + Up
    • Enjoy your altered costume! Use the [Light+Medium+Heavy] shortcut button to input this code much more easily.

The code causes tons of costume variations. Usually, it will remove an article of clothing. Sometimes it will add something to the character. It all depends on the costume you have selected.

Urien is the one character with a slightly different code input. With Urien, you can make him explode out of his suit and wear only the thong he’s famous for in Street Fighter 3.

  • How To Get Urien’s Thong Costume
    • Select Urien and hold the following buttons while the stage is loading.
    • LP+HP+MK
      • [Light Punch] + [Heavy Punch] + [Medium Kick]
    • Urien will get a new character intro, showing him burning off his suit.

Only Urien’s code is different, the rest are always the first code listed here.


List of Costume Changes

Hold down LP+MP+HP+LK+Up before a match begins to see the following changes in character costumes.

  • Akuma:
    • Classic: Becomes shirtless
  • Alex:
    • Classic: Adds a bomber jacket
    • Halloween: Removes the spiked shoulders
    • Work: Removes the hat, adds a red bandana
  • Cammy:
    • CPT: Removes the scarf
    • Halloween: Removes the bridal veil and roses
    • Swimsuit: Removes armor pieces
  • Chun-Li:
    • CPT: Removes the scarf
    • Red Bull: Removes the jacket
    • School: Removes braids, adds loose hair style
    • Swimsuit: Removes the skirt
    • Work: Removes the jacket
  • Ibuki:
    • Classic: Removes the scarf
    • School: Removes the scarf
    • Swimsuit: Removes the scarf
  • Juri:
    • Classic: Adds a jacket
    • Halloween: Removes the devil horns
    • Holiday: Removes the scarf
    • School: Removes the jacket
  • Karin:
    • Holiday: Removes the hoodie
    • Swimsuit: Removes hat and sunglasses
  • Ken:
    • Holiday: Removes the sunglasses and adds antlers
  • Kolin:
    • Classic: Adds glasses
  • Laura:
    • Holiday: Removes the belt
    • Swimsuit: Removes the coat
  • M. Bison:
    • 30th Anniversary: Removes the cape
    • Halloween: Removes the cape
  • Nash:
    • Halloween: Removes the shirt
    • School: Opens the jacket
  • Necalli:
    • CPT: Removes the vest
    • Halloween: Removes the vest
  • R. Mika:
    • Holiday: Removes the jacket
    • School: Removes the braids, adds new hairstyle
    • Swimsuit: Removes the hoodie
    • Work: Removes the pom-poms
  • Ryu:
    • Red Bull: Removes the jacket
    • Halloween: Removes the helmet
    • School: Removes the jacket
  • Vega:
    • Halloween: Removes the cape
  • Zangief:
    • Holiday: Removes the bear mask