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Development studio Monolith Productions had worked hard when it comes to delivering an entertaining experience with Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The video game is a sequel to the 2014 release, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, where once again, players will be brought into the J.R.R. Tolkien crafted world.

Lined up to take place between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, players will step back into the role of the ranger Talion and the spirit of the elf lord, Celebrimbor. Noted to be three times bigger than the open-world environment players were able to explore in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, developers behind the production is cramming in new content to enjoy as they go off on their next big journey.

Likewise, the sequel also builds up the Nemesis System when fighting against foes multiple times within the game world. Overall, the plot within Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, players will find that with the new Ring of Power, Talion and Celebrimbor agree to use it to take on the returned Sauron along with the army of foes you’ll come across.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available starting on October 10, 2017, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and lastly, PC platforms. If you’re in need of a helping hand then take a look at our featured guides on the video game below.


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Within the regions of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, players can track down and collect three Shelob Memories, or otherwise known as Web of Fate tokens. Within this guide, we’ll go over where to find all the Shelob Memories in Minas Ithil.

Web of Fate Token #1 Darkness Calls

  • Make your way up north and use Haedir to activate the waypoints to find its location. You’ll have to rotate the web so that the front legs of the Spider are visible from the bottom followed by completing the puzzle by aligning the image to receive the memory.

Web of Fate Token #2 The Web

Head to the Coliseum and get onto the outer wall. You’ll be able to do this by going on to the tower and jumping over.  Reach the designated area followed by entering the tunnel and repeating the same process as you did with Darkness Calls.

Web of Fate Token #3 Fair Form

You’ll find the Fair Form through the southwestern Haedir Tower. You’ll need to go through the city and enter the cave near the border of the region. Again, repeat the same process as you did with the Darkness Calls and The Web.

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