Pokemon Go: Legendary Pass | How To Catch Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go has been a big hit since its initial launch. Nearly everyone around the world is or have been trainers of the hit mobile title, in an attempt to once again, catch them all. However, since its release, there have been some questions regarding the fabled legendary Pokemon.

These Pokemon are not only featured in the hit anime television show but also the countless video game titles released into the market. So, where exactly are the legendary Pokemon in the mobile release, Pokemon Go?

It turns out 2017 will be the year that legendary Pokemon may start to show their face. This all comes with the latest update released for Pokemon Go that greatly revamps Gyms. You can check out our full detail breakdown of the update right here.

So How Do I Find Legendary Pokemon?

Well, before we get ahead of ourselves, we first need to discuss Raid Battles. As mentioned above, there was a new exciting update for Pokemon Go that revamped Gyms and also introduced a new game mode known as Raid Battles.

Raid Battles is a co-op type game mode that appears at various local Gyms. From time-to-time, a local Gym may be marked down for a Raid Battle in which case a team of up to twenty players can join together and fight against a tough boss.

There are even features in place that will allow players to create a private room so that local clans or friends can take on the boss battle within a Raid.

How Do I Join Raid Battles?

When a Raid Battle is unveiled for our local Gym, players will have to wait until a timer countdown before the Raid Battle actually begins. From there, you can join an open room or a private room, that is just as long as you know the private room password.

Although, there is one small catch before you can officially join a battle. You’ll need a Raid Pass which can be obtained freely at a local Gym. Raid Passes are given out once per day for free and players are unable to stock up on Raid Passes.

Likewise, there are means to purchase a Raid Pass with the in-game PokeCoins currency if you choose not to visit a local Gym prior to a Raid Battle.

Are Legendary Pokemon In Raid Battles?

Yes and no. Legendary Pokemon are in specific Raid Battles known as a Legendary Raid. These are specialized Raid Battles that feature their own specific pass to join them.

Legendary Raid Battles will require a Legendary Raid ticket which is earned as a rare drop to players that have completed hundreds of Raid Battles. In a sense, the top players will be the top contenders to receive a Legendary Raid Ticket.

This is likely where you’ll start to see Legendary Pokemon pop-up and potentially a means to catch them as well. There are still some questions left unanswered about Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go, though we will likely see more information released relatively soon. Once we learn more you can be sure we’ll update you on the latest right here.