Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC | How to Beat Every Boss

Table of Contents

Slave Knight Gael

Slave Knight Gael will be waiting for you at Fillanore’s Rest.

  • Attacks:
    • First Phase
      • Critical Strike Attack
        • When convered in red souls, Gael will jump and perform a critical strike. If not dodged, Gael will throw players across the area.
      • Plunging Attack
        • Gael will jump and drive his sword into the ground.
      • Rage
        • Gael will shout and then take three slashes and a plunging attack with his sword. This attack is breakable.
      • Sword Attack
        • Gael attacks with horizontal swipes, possibly leadning into a jump away and then vertical slash.
    • Second Phase
      • Repeat Fire
        • The repeating crossbow art. Will deal massive damage but can be avoided by siderolling. Sometimes he will attack with his sword after this.
      • Soul Explosion
        • Gael will stand and then release souls and an explosion with a medium sized Area of Effect.
      • Lighting Rain
  • Stats:
    • Not able to be parried.
    • Can be staggered, but can’t received critical strikes.
    • Weak to frost and poison.