Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC | How to Beat Every Boss

Table of Contents

Demon in Pain & Demon from Below

The Demon in Pain & the Demon from Below is the first phase in a boss fight that leads to the Demon Prince. The location of this fight is just after the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire. Turn right and drop below to enter the area.

  • Attacks
    • Frontal Leap – Attack used by boss at beginning of fight, will use again if you get too far away.
    • Claw Swipe Combo – This attack is most frequently used. This is just a combo of slashes that may end with an overhead smash. The flaming version will damage you more as well as leave fire trails.
    • Claw Uppercut – The boss will drag its claw, leading into an upward attack.
    • Charging Frenzy – The boss will charge and claw the area in front of him. At the end of the attack, it will smash with his left claw and then move into a backwards swipe. This attack is only available when the boss is flaming.
    • Downward Smash – The boss will stand up and then smash the ground.
    • Flaming Smash – Variant of the downward smash. The same attack, but it has a larger area of effect and damage. The demon will enter burnt out mode after completing this attack, this is a great moment to move in and get a few attacks in.
    • Toxic Flames – A trail of purple flames that apply toxic buildup.┬áThis attack only occurs when the boss is burnt out.
    • Toxic Breath – Mid range attack where the boss will breathe toxic fumes at you that applies rapid toxic build up and damages you.┬áThis attack only occurs when the boss is burnt out.
    • Toxic Spit – This attack applies toxic buildup, but only damages you slightly. This attack only occurs when the boss is burnt out.
  • Stats
    • This boss is not pariable.
    • Damage to their heads can stagger, giving way to critical strikes.
    • Weak to Dorhy’s Gnawing. Bleed weapons plus Carthus Rogue doens’t do very much damage.
    • Both demons have the same amount of HP.
    • Bring items that can cure toxicity.
  • Useful Information
    • This fight leads into the Demon Prince, so come prepared.