Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC | How to Beat Every Boss

Table of Contents

Darkear Midir

Darkeater Midir is located after opening the shortcut nearest to the Ringed Inner Wall Bonfire. Head down the lift and hop out the door on your left half way down. Then head left again and open the illusory wall that is to the right of the ember. Descend the ladder and drop down the hole behind the altar. You must have fought him past the Swamp, just cross the bridge and ascend the ruined stairwell. You’ll arrive at a bonfire and find Midir behind it. Knock him off the cliff and he will fall into a boss room, allowing you to begin the real fight.

  • Attacks
    • First Phase
      • Claw Swipes – If close to the head, Midir will make quick swipes at the player. Can be avoided with rolls.
      • Tail Whip – This only occurs when behind Midir. When turning around, Midir will swipe with his tail and possibly knock the player down. Can be avoided with a roll.
      • Fire Breath – Front – Midir will breath fire in front of him. After avoiding it, get some damage in on his head.
      • Fire Breath – Under – Midir will release flames from under his body. Avoid the flames and this is a good opportunity to get in some damage.
      • Fire Breath + Dark Beam Combo – Midir will breathe fire and shoot two beams of dark magic. The first beam is fire in a straight line, the second will loop around the side of his target. This move is unblockable, but Midir won’t use this attack if you are close.
      • Air Assault – Midir will fly away and then swoop down to breathe fire on the character. Just run in the opposite direction and you’ll be fine.
      • Savage Rush –  If far away, Midir will breathe fire and then rush forward. He will often stop and take a few swipes during this attack. Just stay behind hi, and you’ll be safe.
      • Dash – Midir will let out a roar and then charge forward. Can be avoided with a roll. This attack often follows Savage Rush or Fire Breath.
      • Critical Strike -Occurs when close to Midir’s head. Just don’t get too close to him (or dodge when necessary) and you should be able to avoid this attack.
    • Second Phase
      • Area of Effect Strike – Midir charges dark energy and realeses a large area of effect. Just dodge roll out of the way.
      • Mass Affinity – Summons Affinity projectiles. lead them to the walls or floor to get rid of them.
      • Focused Dark Beam – A charged attack that will shoot a beam for a few seconds. It deals a lot of damage, but Midir will be exhausted after the attack, leaving him open to damage.
  • Stats
    • Not able to be parried.
    • Weak to Lightning.
    • Can be staggered if player continually hits his head.
    • Not areas on the body suffer less damage than others except for the head.
  • Useful Information
    • This fight is completely optional.
    • Shira can be summoned for this fight.