Red Dead Redemption First Retailer Merch Hits Stores

Compared to GTA V’s insane marketing campaign this is nothing…

The first wave of Red Dead Redemption merchandise has hit retailers in several countries, offering a little more substance to the quiet marketing campaign of this western RPG.

Images have surfaced of retailers showing off the promotional boxes of the game, with a note on a more solid release date Emblazoned on the cardboard box, it reads “Autumn 2017” as opposed to simply “2017” and “Fall 2017” as we’ve seen before.

There is no official list of who has received the cardboard boxes, but these particular images come from a GAME store in the UK.

Rockstars previous title, GTA V, had a far more in-depth marketing campaign with billboards, entire trams being covered in promotional art, and advertisements on the sides of buildings – and it worked, GTA broke multiple records and entered in the top 5 list of best-selling games of all time…

It makes one wonder what the deal is with Red Dead Redemption 2?