Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise-D Gets Re-created in Halo 5

A Halo 5: Forge player who goes by the username Starship Forge on YouTube has created a map of the USS Enterprise-D from popular sci-fi series Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

In the video, Starship Forge explains that he has created two versions of the map: One is purely aesthetic, and the other one is a singleplayer choose your own adventure minigame, inspired by the books of the 1980’s. The latter presents players with three choices, with only one leading to survival, and is randomly generated so the outcome of each choice is different in separate playthroughs. There is also a gameplay preview highlighting what happens when players make an incorrect choice.

Both versions showcase the ship’s exterior and interior regions, including key locations such as engineering, the bridge, the shuttle bay and the transporter room. The ship size is approximately half scale.

Interested players can download both the aesthetic version and minigame version through Halo Waypoint.