Official Live Zero Escape Room Event Coming to Los Angeles

Escape a locked room in the upcoming live Zero Escape event in Los Angeles.

Zero Escape
Are you familiar with the Zero Escape series? Developed by Spike Chunsoft and brought over stateside by publisher Aksys Games, Zero Escape is a visual novel adventure title that currently consist of two video games, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Virtue’s Last Reward. Although, a third title, Zero Time Dilemma, is currently planned for release later this year. Overall, the story of Zero Escape follows nine individuals as they are locked in a room having to play a game of life and death.

With a limited amount of time, these individuals must trust each other to solve puzzles that could lead them to their freedom. Today we’re finding out that fans of the series can experience a similar event in-person if you happen to live within the Los Angeles, California area.

The event we’re referring to is Real Zero Escape: Trust on Trial by SCRAPS. This is an officially licensed event that will take the elements from the Zero Escape series and adapt them into a real room in which the participants must escape. According to the official website, the event is scheduled to open starting on April 15, 2016, in which a group of individuals will be locked into a room and given one hour to escape.

Just like the video game series, players will have to trust and rely on each other to solve puzzles that will determine their fate but it’s noted that no prior knowledge is needed from the Zero Escape series in order to participate.

So far tickets are not available for purchase quite yet, nor do we have any indication of how much they will run. Cosplay, however, has been approved though it is recommended that you dress comfortably and that your costume doesn’t restrict the ability to move and search around the room.