Fallout 4: Todd Howard Talks About Bethesda Softworks’ Next Game

Bethesda is ‘extremely excited’ about their next game but Howard won’t say what it is.

Gamestar has posted a new interview with Bethesda Softworks' Todd Howard on YouTube in which he was asked about the studio's next game. 

Regarding the next project, widely believed to be Fallout 4, he had this to say beginning at the 21:38 second mark: 

"We get asked a lot, I sort of tell people we're figuring things out. We're taking our time, we're extremely excited about it and the reason we're kind of holding back right now is because we want to wait until it's really there to show it to everybody. We don't want to kind of dribble it out, we'd rather say, you know, 'surprise, boom, here it is.' And make sure that moment of learning about something and seeing for the first time is really… I enjoy those moments for other games so we'd rather hold back and wait and just surprise everybody."

Howard was also asked about the series of false fanmade announcements surrounding the game to which he replied: 

"You know, we're used to that stuff over the years. Our fans are awesome. When they're not making mods they're making fake announcements. So I think everybody gets it and they know and they're willing to give us the time and hopefully they'll love what we're working on."

Fans were excited recently when a Twitch TV schedule for E3 showed an unannounced title from Bethesda but the publisher has since confirmed that this will be Battlecry, which had not yet been revealed when the schedule was created. 

Bethesda markeing boss Pete Hines has commented that the studio is taking its time with its next game and isn't in the habit of announcing when they're going to make an announcement. 

Fallout 4 is thought to be set in Boston, home of the Institute. 

Image is from Artstation