‘Fallout 4’ Rumor Is A Bunch Of Fake Nonsense

Yesterday, I reported on a rumor stating that Fallout 4 would be taking place in Boston. It's a likely possibility that the game, regardless of the rumor, will be set in the area given the references to the city in Fallout 3. However, the rumor itself was a complete fabrication—a lie—made up by a bored redditor.

The redditor, going by the name of "GNR_Informant" wrote on a massively upvoted self-post on reddit's r/gaming section that he has a friend who works at Bethesda, who filled him on various details about the upcoming game—details of which can be found in my report.

After numerous inquiries, he eventually came clean and stated simply: "I have no proof because this was all a lie. Got bored and posted this," he said without any hint of irony.

As I warned in my post, rumors like these should be taken with an enormous heaping of salt, and it just goes to show that you can't trust anything you read on the internet, especially when it's posted by an anonymous source on a relatively anonymous website. While many users may leave breadcrumbs about their real world identities in their posts, it appears that GNR_Informant made his account for the explicit purpose of trolling fans of the game.

That being said, it won't be long before Bethesda really comes around to make a proper announcement about whatever it is they have in the works. The people want Fallout 4, and they're going to get it.