Rollers of the Realm Coming to PS4, PS Vita, and PC

Today, we found out that the mystery video game Atlus has been hiding turns out to be Rollers of the Realm. The publisher is working with Phantom Compass to bring the game to the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC.

"In the game, static pinball tables are replaced by dynamic locations with objectives, secrets, and multiple areas. Along with the standard bumpers are AI-controlled enemies, who can attack and do damage to the pinball flippers. And the familiar shiny silver pinballs? Those become playable characters, each with different attributes, special abilities and even physics. The story opens up through an epic six chapters, where players will have to master the strengths and weaknesses of each character ball," the press release reads.

The game also boasts compelling stories and voice-acted cutscenes. Characters will also be able to unlock new abilities and buy items as they progress.

Rollers of the Realm will be released this holiday as a digital download. However, fans attending E3 can see the beta version of the game at the Atlus booth. The game was announced last February.

Here are some of the first screenshots of the game: