Retro Studios Not Developing 3DS Remake Of Donkey Kong Country Returns

The series will see yet another departure from yet another developer.

Donkey Kong Country Returns, the 2010 Wii title marking the intrepid simian's departure from its previous developer Rare, will soon see a NIntendo 3DS remake, expected sometime this summer 2013. And in a new listing from the Australian Ratings Board, it appears the series will see another changing of the guard. Posted just yesterday, the filing clearly attributes the development of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D to Monster Games, a company that mostly makes racing games (in the past a series of NASCAR games and some Excitebike titles for Wii).

That leaves the question of what exactly Rare happens to be working on. As noted by Joystiq, Nintendo of America figurehead Shigeru Miyamoto previously hinted at a possible involvement with a Legend of Zelda title but later said the company was too busy for such a project. Too busy for a LOZ game? What could it be?

…my hopes lie with a Wii U port of Donkey Kong 64.