Crysis 3 Multiplayer Info Blowout: Modes, Maps, Weapons, Admin Privileges Detailed

Crysis 3 developers address the community on the entire expanse of the game’s multiplayer mode.

crysis 3 multiplayer

Developers at Crytek fielded questions from the "MyCrysis" official community for their work on Crysis 3 and its multiplayer mode, which is referred to as C3MP, which offers a variety of team-based modes. The game's multiplayer offerings are currently in development at Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical Design.

The developers were quizzed on the features available to C3MP and what their plans are for specific portions of the game's multiplayer modes.

The biggest question to surface was one asking whether the studio would offer official mod support for Crysis 3 and C3MP.

"There is no official announcement about mod support at this time," answered Richard Semmens, lead programmer of C3MP, who also also added that the studio has yet to make any announcements about DLC.

Due to time constraints, the studio had to scrap its support for Spectator Mode, Theater Mode, nor even a skill-matching system like the one seen in Halo 4—not that it works very well. Crytek has no plans to implement co-op mode, either, as the focus in C3MP is mainly on competitive battles.

The Power Struggle mode, previously available in C2MP, will not make a return in Crysis 3. However, he added that the studio has an unannounced game mode which will be revealed upon the game's release.

Crysis 3 Multiplayer

Semmens addressed other questions regarding some of the game's balance, stating that the developers will continue to monitor community feedback as well as telemetry data to inform their balance changes.

Beyond general questions, the developers addressed specific inquiries about the game's weapon balance and maps. They state that the Predator Bow is "by far the hardest to balance" for C3MP, as they had to design it to feel like a bow rather than a point-and-shoot weapon, yet good enough to stand up to weapons like the Feline, which fires at 1200RPM.

The developers revealed that the game's bullet and trajectory system even features damage drop, so many guns will have an effective firing distance before the damage they produce begins to fall off.

With regards to the abilities available to server administrations, admins will not be able to ban specific weapons on servers, nor can they move players between teams. Clients do however possess the ability to switch teams when they are unbalanced. Admins can ban via player name, which gets saved out as a GUID, analogous to a CD key ban from the server.

The developers state that console patches will be out less frequently than those on the PC due to the certification process console titles must undergo to have their patches released. It's something we've already known for awhile, but it's good that the developers intend to release PC patches with more frequency regardless of the constraints imposed upon the console versions of Crysis 3.

C3MP's developers answered many more questions of a technical nature in the thread, so be sure to check it if you'd like to get into the nitty gritty of the game's development.

Crysis 3 is out on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 next week.