Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of 2013

Xbox 360 Games of 2013

top xbox 360 games 2013

Update: We've updated this list with a couple new titles that we believe will land their way right onto the forefront of games this year, while removing some lesser titles that failed to make the cut in light of their releases.

Platform exclusives are abound, and every major gaming platform is getting its own set of titles next year. As the Xbox 360 has been out for the longest amount of time among the current generation, it may be the only platform with the least major exclusives. With that said, it also remains the platform with the most players and the most active online community pretty much thanks to both its age and Xbox Live. With that in mind, there's plenty of reason to get these upcoming titles on the Xbox 360, especially if you plan on playing with friends.

Being the most popular gaming platform on the market enables the Xbox 360 to also be home to almost every game you could ever want to play next year with (and this is completely arguable) the most online support, unless they're exclusive to either the PC or the PlayStation 3.

Cooperative and competitive online games particularly benefit from the Xbox Live's community systems, and you can certainly expect some of these games to be host to exclusive timed DLCs before any of the other versions gets them.

Without further ado, here are our ten most wanted games for the Xbox 360 in 2013. Simply click on the next slide to begin.