Top 15 PS3 Games of 2013

Top PS3 Games 2013

top ps3 games 2013

The PlayStation 3 has been home to many fantastic titles over the years since its entrance into the videogame console market as its most powerful platform. The PS3 gave us games which pushed the boundaries of narratives in games, like Journey and Heavy Rain, and also delivered some of the most intense action experiences in games like God of War 3 and the Uncharted series.

2013 will likely be the final year for the PS3 before Sony lowers the curtains on the gaming platform and unveils its next generation console, but it’s a year that will see some of the best games on the device. The PS3 is going to go out with a strong finish, and the games that Sony and other publishers have planned for the device are ones well worth looking forward to.

The year heralds the end of the current console cycle, and that means the PS3, like the Xbox 360, has peaked. Developers are doing everything they can with the limitations they’re forced to deal with, and push the console beyond anything else they’ve worked on in the past.

Owners of the PlayStation 3 will have plenty to look forward to this year, ranging from a new entry in the God of War saga, and a new title from the makers of Uncharted that may well serve to create a brand new franchise depending on where they decide to go with The Last of Us. That, and a new game from David Cage promises to deliver some of the finest storytelling in the video game medium.

Without further delay, here are the best, and most-wanted games for the PlayStation 3 in 2013.