Bethesda Hiring for Next-Gen Programmer for New, Unannounced Game

Bethesda is looking to hire a next-gen programmer for a new game!

In news that should shock no one, Bethesda, the studio behind the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, are now looking for a next-gen programmer for a new unannounced game. 

This was revealed in parent company Zenimax's website where it states, "Bethesda Game Studios is looking for experienced programmers to work on cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles."

The full requirements for the post can be seen below.


  • At least 5 years of game development experience with multiple titles shipped
  • Extensive experience programming and optimizing for the Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Experience with DirectX 11 a plus
  • Passion for making GREAT games, and being part of a GREAT team
  • Ability to contribute innovative ideas towards all aspects of game development
  • Must create amazing things with minimal oversight
  • Experience playing Bethesda Game Studios games a plus

Interested parties can try their luck and apply here.

Could this be for a new Fallout sequel? Maybe a new entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise or a completely new franchise? Your guess is as good as mine at this point. Just for reference, Bethesda's last retail game was Arkane Studio's Dishonored, which was critically-acclaimed for its varied take on the first-person action genre.

In more current Bethesda news, the studio has now announced the release dates for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's PS3 DLCs.  Let's just hope the expansions won't be as buggy as the vanilla game is on Sony's platform. 

If it was up to you, what franchise should Bethesda work on for their initial next-gen game? 

Source: NeoGAF