Sony Makes a Smartphone Debut WIth Casual Sports Title ‘Everybody’s Golf’

Pre-registrations teeing off in the land of the rising sun.

Following Nintendo’s venture into the mobile space with titles like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, it’s logical that Sony is taking a stab at it, too. Enter Everybody’s Golf, Sony’s smartphone debut that connects golf with cute characters and casual gameplay.

While Everybody’s Golf has already come out for PlayStation 4it will be interesting to see how it performs in a more miniature environment. The touch screen mechanics seem simple, tasking players with pulling, aiming, and then letting go of the golf club so it can swing with enough momentum. But as the trailer suggests, gameplay more complex than it looks, since it’s influenced by factors like wind, the variety of course layouts, and the technique you use. There are also boss players you can challenge, and a battle/versus mode which lets you take on ranked matches and participate in tournaments.

Everyody’s Golf is scheduled to release for iOS and Android. A Western release hasn’t been officially announced just yet, but you can still pre-register over at the game’s website via Twitter or LINE.