Hardcore Horror FPS ‘GTFO’ Looks Like a Ghastly Co-Op Indeed

If the name Ulf Andersson rings a bell, you’re probably somewhat familiar with Payday 2. Andersson did voice acting for the game, and was also the previous co-owner of Starbreeze Studios. After forming his own independent studio, he began working on a suspenseful horror game, and has just gone public with its title.

GTFO is an acronym that also needs no explanation. It’s also probably the exact sensation you’d feel after groping your way through terrifying environments that scale up tension levels from zero to mayhem in a mere instant. GTFO is a co-op experience in which every run – referred to as expeditions in the game – is different. It caters towards lovers of multiplayer, in particular, 2-4 player team based runs, and this is reflected in the game’s tag: Work together or die together. None of GTFO’s enemies or threats have been revealed just yet, but judging from the distorted atmospheric music, there are a lot of jump scares lurking inside the darkness.

Source: http://www.gtfothegame.com/