Let It Die: How To Find The Blueprint Shop | Secret Vendor Location

Only on PS4: Purchase rare crafting material and missing blueprints for a high price at this hidden vendor in Let It Die.

Want every blueprint? Missing valuable crafting materials you can’t find anywhere else? Find the travelling merchant in Let It Die to unlock all the R&D you’ll need to conquer the upper levels of the Tower of Barbs.

The secret, super-special hidden vendor is never in the same place twice. Every time you leave the Tower, he’ll reset and change positions. But, if you do find him on one round, you can always return with more cash (and inventory space) while exploring. This guy is extremely tough to find, but we’ve got a few tips and locations you can use to track down this hard-to-find store.

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How To Find The Blueprint Shop | Secret Vendor Location

The secret vendor will randomly appear only in specific locations. Watch for a D.O.D Arms dead end wall — a different special vendor appears in each section of the Tower of Barbs.

This guide will cover where to find the random vendor on floors 1F-10F. The vendor’s location will randomly change every time you leave / enter the Tower of Barbs from the Waiting Room.

[Note: To fully explode 1F-10F, you’ll need to defeat the first Don on 10F: OMENO-SOTO or JIN-DIE on 6F: MOKA-MOGAME. ]

  • Step-By-Step: Blueprint Vendor Spawn Locations
    1. 3F: TAGAHARA — On the main route. Always located at a dead end, near the elevator.
    2. 5F: DENDEN-CHOFU — Accessed through the blue escalator exit from 4F: TAGAHARA.
    3. 3F: METAKOJIYA — From 1F, travel to 2F: WANOKI (Orange exit in 1F) and using the purple exit.
    4. 9F: YONEGUICHI — From 6F: MOKA-MAGOME, use the blue escalator to reach 7F: DANEDA. Use the purple exit to each 8F: META-KOYA. From here, use the blue exit.

If you have an Express Pass, 1-Day Limited Express Pass, or plenty of Kill Coins, the easiest spot to reach is 3F: TAGAHARA. Just take the elevator up — if the vendor doesn’t spawn, return to the Waiting Room and try again.