Dead Rising 4: Frank West Statue Location | ‘Idol Worship’ Guide

Only on Xbox One: Frank West isn’t as popular as he used to be. Find the one and only hidden statue collectible with this location.


Find the last remaining trophy dedicated to Frank West’s boundless ego in Dead Rising 4 with this Easter egg collectible location.

This strange gold statue is actually a tribute to Dead Rising games of the past, and it’s a fitting inclusion now that Frank West has finally returned to the protagonist position. The oddball photojournalist has appeared in multiple Dead Rising off-shoots, but only headlined the original mall-infested zombie-smashing adventure. Now that he’s back, it’s time to start collecting his statues once again.

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Frank West Statue Location

The location for this statue is totally easy, just head to this location. This can be collected at any point in freeroam and is available once you can explore the North Peak section of the map. Just check your map to find the store mentioned above — or drive around and watch for the sign.

  • North Peak: Nickolls Ink – Go to the brick building and circle around to the truck loading area. Climb onto the truck from the cab to reach the Nickolls Ink rooftop.
    • From the rooftop, turn left and use the bridge to reach the tattoo parlor roof. The statue is found on the mattress, next to a loose Rocket Launcher.

Grab the tiny collectible Frank West and the ‘Idol Worship‘ achievement will pop. What does the collectible Frank West statue do? Uh…

Well, it doesn’t do anything. These tiny statues were available in the original Dead Rising, littered across the Willamette Mall and ready to find. Grabbing them would reward Frank with an XP reward and nothing else. They’re just a collectible with no other value.

Maybe that’s why the janitors at Willamette decided to clean-up all those worthless gold trinkets? There’s only one left now, and this collectible / Easter egg is the only one of its kind in Dead Rising 4.

Achievement Unlocked

  • Idol Worship
    • Find the Frank West Statue. Didn’t there used to be more of these?