Dead Rising 4’s Launch Trailer Bring the Holiday Feels

One of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives this year, Dead Rising 4 has finally received its launch trailer. It premiered last night at the Game Awards and it brought the holiday feels.

However, protagonist Frank West celebrates a little differently. The trailer shows a mix of gameplay and narration from West himself, check out the trailer down below.

Dead Rising 4 brings players back to the mall that started the franchise, William Parkview Mall. Players will once again take the role of Frank West as they experience the post-apocalyptic world 16 years later. The latest Dead Rising game acts as a soft reboot of the franchise, giving Capcom more creative freedom to push the series forward.

The game is a time exclusive for Microsoft, so PlayStation users might have to wait awhile before they get their hands on the game.

Dead Rising 4 is releasing on Dec. 6 for Xbox One and Windows PC.