Infinite Warfare – 100% Achievement / Trophies Guide [Update: DONE]

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Looking for ways to unlock every achievement or trophy in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find tutorials, tips, and how-to’s for each and every challenge. Whether you’re dealing with side-quests or collectibles in the campaign, or hunting down artifacts to complete the Easter egg in Zombies. Whatever you need help with, we’ll have it covered below in the lengthy, comprehensive guide.

There’s only one corner of Infinite Warfare that’s light on the achievements / trophies — multiplayer. This might come as a relief to most, but there’s only one challenge related to the online-only component of Call of Duty. And it isn’t even hard to unlock.

100% Achievement / Trophies Guide


Campaign Challenge Achievements / Trophies

This section covers any achievements / trophies that can be unlocked in the singleplayer campaign. Anything that requires your active input — not completion, collectibles, or side-quests — belongs here.

  • Boots on the Ground

“Go 2 minutes without double jumping or wall running in a mission where these abilities are available.”

This simple achievement / trophy can be earned near the end of the Rising Threat mission. Once you obtain the double-jump and wall running abilities, simply run around in circles until this achievement pops. Only run! No jumping or wall running allowed here.

  • Captain’s Log

“Use the computer in the Captain’s office.”

In the mission Retribution: Aftermath, you’ll clear the debris and enter the Captain’s office. There’s an objective marker on the computer terminal at the desk. Simply interact to check out the computer and unlock this challenge. Very easy, and almost impossible to miss.

  • Danger Close

“Kill 15 enemies with a Zero-G Grappling Hook.”

Start up Operation: Port Armor – Boarding Party for your first opportunity to earn this. At the start of the mission, you’ll be in a Zero-G environment, and can traverse using the Grappling Hook. Target enemy soldiers with the hook to kill them instantly.

There aren’t enough soldiers to kill here, so restart the mission once you reach the first checkpoint. Your kills are saved, so you can complete the first section 2 or 3 times to unlock.

  • Reality TV

“Watch a news cast.”

This can be unlocked during Retribution – Back in the Fight. After riding the elevator, head to the end of the hallway instead of following your AI partner. Down this path, there’s a group of soldiers watching the news. Stand there and watch the TV until this pops.

Soldiers are usually watching television in the break room. You’ll find new broadcasts after every mission, including side-missions. So check back often! And if you’re in the campaign and missed the first chance, any time will work.

  • Peek-a-Boo!

“Kick open a door, peek open a door, and throw a grenade while peeking a door.”

To unlock the achievement / trophy, you’ll have to breech through doors in three different ways, with three different doors. Interact with a door to peek — follow the prompts to look inside carefully, or presss [Circle / B] to kick the door open.

For the last requirement, peek open the door (open it carefully, just a crack) then throw a grenade like you normally would. There needs to be an enemy for you to kill on the other side, so save your grenade toss for rooms containing soldiers.

  • Gravity Kills

“Kill an enemy while floating in your own anti-gravity grenade.”

You’ll get a chance to earn this in the very first mission, Rising Threat. Eventually, you’ll find Anti-Gravity grenades. Instead of using them against enemies, throw one at your feet. While levitating, shoot an enemy soldier to unlock this one.

  • C12

“Kill a C12 by doing a right rodeo, a left rodeo, and by blowing off multiple limbs.”

This can be earned earliest in the mission during Operation: Black Flag – The Trap Is Sprung. To earn this achievement / trophy, you’ll need to kill three C12’s with three different methods.

  1. Destroy the Right Arm then jump onto the C12 from above to initiate a rodeo.
  2. Destroy the Left Arm then jump onto the C12 from above to initiate a rodeo.
  3. Destroy BOTH left and right arms.

Use a Rocket Launcher or other anti-C12 weapons. You’ll encounter a C12 and the weaponry required to destroy it at the very start of the mission. After destroying the C12 one way, wait until you get a checkpoint then restart the mission. Complete all three kill methods and this will pop.

  • Peace to the Fallen

“Listened to all the death letters of the fallen.”

During the ending credits, you’ll get a chance to listen to all the in-game Death Logs of the Fallen. There are eight of these audio logs — each button on your controller activates a different Death Log. Listen to them all before the credits finish rolling.

  • You Know Nothing

“Kill Kotch before his speech ends.”

This is earned in the mission Operation: Black Flag – The Trap Is Sprung. At the end of the mission, when you encounter Admiral Kotch, simply use your melee attack [R3 / Right-Stick] to kill him instantly before his speech is complete.

This achievement / trophy is a reference to the meme-worthy line spoken to Kit Harrington’s charater in Game of Thrones. Kit Harrington plays Admiral Kotch in Infinite Warfare, and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. The oft-repeated line goes like this; “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

  • Make It Personal

“Load out with a custom weapon.”

Before every mission (after taking command of the Retribution) you’ll reach the loadout screen in the armory. Select a weapon (primary / secondary) and then select the “+” icon to add customization options to the weapon. Add an attachment to earn this easy achievement / trophy.

Weapon Scans – Campaign Achievements / Trophies

As you play through the campaign, you’ll unlock new guns for your loadout menu simply by picking them up once. This initiates a scan so they can be copied for later. By picking up every weapon in the game, you’ll earn this achievement / trophy. Not all the weapons are carried by enemies — some are only available in specific locations, or by completing certain side-missions. Find all the locations with Gameranx’s guide here.

Get every gun to unlock the following:

  • New Gun Collector

“Scan your first weapon!”

  • Serious Gun Collector

“Scan 10 weapons.”

  • Gun Nut

“All weapons scanned.”

Most-Wanted Board – Campaign Achievements / Trophies

As you complete the campaign, you’ll have the option to complete side-quests and clear out the Most-Wanted Board in your Captain’s Cabin. Most SDF Captains and Ace Pilots are found in optional missions — Jackal-Only or Boarding Party locations that unlock as you complete main missions. Follow the link below for exact information on where to find every target.

Follow this guide and you’ll unlock the following three achievements / trophies.

  • Ante Up

“Get your first kill on the most-wanted board.”

  • Aces High

“Clear half of the most-wanted board.”

  • Royal Flush

“All SDF Aces and Captains killed.”

Equipment Upgrades – Campaign Achievements / Trophies

Throughout the campaign, there are terminals the player can hack to unlock equipment upgrades. Some upgrades increase the power of your equipment, while others add new functionality — allowing you to detonate on command, acquire lock-on, use Frag Grenades to spot enemy soldiers, and much more.

Use the guide linked above to find all upgrade terminal locations, and see what each individual upgrade can do for your futuristic soldier. Finding all upgrades will unlock the following achievements / trophies.

  • Gear Up

“Find your first equipment upgrade.”

  • Fully Equipped

“Earn all equipment upgrades.”

Zombies in Spaceland Achievements / Trophies

This section features achievements / trophies related to Infinite Warfare’s packed-in Zombies map. All the challenges here can only be unlocked in Zombies in Spaceland.

  • Rock On!

“In Spaceland, craft a Weapon of Rock.”

There are four speical Wonder Weapons the player can craft hidden in Zombies in Spaceland. Each section of the map features a standee where a weapon will spawn after collecting three hidden stickers. All of the weapons are pretty tough to get, but the easiest weapon to earn (and unlock this achievement / trophy) is the Shredder.

Check out the link above to find instructions for unlocking every single Wonder Weapon, or follow the tutorial below to get the Shredder.

  • How to Get the Shredder:
    • Part #1: Battery – Get the Sunglasses and go down to the waterway after opening the debris path that leads to the Bang-Bangs perk in the Polar Peak section. Use the Sunglasses near the water to spot an invisible craft moving down the lazy river. Shoot the part on the back of the boat until it falls off.
      • After the battery falls out of the boat, go to the fountain square where water spouts up from the ground. When the stream of water appears on the green colored circle, that’s when you can collect the battery.
      • Sunglasses are a random zombie drop. Activate them to switch to black-and-white view where you can see certain things that were previously invisible.
    • Part #2: Alien Doll – Kill Zombies and collect the Red Souvenir Coins. Redeem the coins at the Souvenir Station in the Kepler System — insert three red coins, and an alien doll will drop out. That’s your middle part.
      • The red souvenir coins are a random drop from zombies. You can only carry one at a time, so whenever you find a red coin, redeem it at the Kepler System Souvenir Station.
    • Part #3: Red Crystal – Break the Crocodile Trap’s teeth by closing the trap on a Brute, then replace the teeth to reveal a hidden canister. Shoot the canister with fire-element bullets to reveal a red crystal part.

After collecting the Shredder, the “Rock On!” achievement / trophy will pop.

  • Hoff the Charts

To unlock this achievement / trophy, you’ll need to summon David Hasselhoff to help. He’s a temporary AI partner, delivered by the busted robot N31L — you’ll have to find his head to repair him, then complete his challenges.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to unlock Hasselhoff by inputting a special code after completing the main Easter egg. Check the bottom link to learn more about playable Hasselhoff.

See exactly what it takes to summon the Hoff by following the link above.

  • Insert Coin

“In Spaceland, play every arcade game at least once.”

A new addition to Call of Duty: Zombies, Infinite Warfare features playable arcade games centrally located in the Astrocade area of the park. To play games, you’ll need to turn on the power — use the generator switch on the first floor, in the corner with the zombie spawn window.

  • Note: Playing arcade games will earn tickets. You do not need to play until completion, just until you earn a ticket.

Astrocade Games:

  • Game #1: Basketball Hoops – Found to the left of the stairs to the upper level in the Astrocade. To unlock the achievement, you may need to play both.
  • Game #2: Zombie Zoom – Found near the right-hand stairs to the uppper level of the Astrocade.
  • Game #3: Bowling for Planets – Found opposite the dance floor on the first floor of the Astrocade.
  • Game #4: Black Hole – Found in the upper-left corner of the second floor of the Astrocade.
  • Game #5: Cryptid Attack – Found in the upper-right corner of the second floor of the Astrocade.
  • Game #6: All Arcade Machines – Next, interact with all of the arcade cabinets in the Astrocade. Here are all the game types you’ll need to play: Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns, Cosmic Commuter, River Raid 2, Barnstorming, Chopper Command, Demon Attack, Robot Tank, Spider Fighter.
    • Interact with every cabinet with a prompt to play. Skip ‘Out of Order’ machines, machines that aren’t turned on, and Skulls ‘n’ Ghost.

Outside Astrocade Games:

  • Game #7: Shooting Gallery – To the right after taking the stairs up to the Kepler System. Turn on the power from the switch attached to the Moonlight Cafe.
  • Game #8: Rollercoaster Ride – Found in Polar Peak, up through the gift shop and into the waiting area. Find the power switch past the debris wall ($1250) on your left.
  • Game #9: Afterlife Arcade – Play all games available in the Afterlife Arcade. You’ll only reach this area if you purchase a Quick Revive perk from the vendor in the Spawn Room. It’s opposite from the Power Switch, just outside the other ticket office.

Once you’ve played every game in the park, the achievement / trophy will pop.

  • Brain Dead

“In Spaceland, play 30 games and get to Scene 10 or higher.”

This one’s way easier than it sounds. Here’s what you can do to make it a cinch:

  1. Survive until Scene 10. Shouldn’t be a problem, even Solo.
  2. Somewhere along the way, buy an Up’N Atoms (Quick Revive)
  3. Get killed by a zombie on Scene 10.
  4. In the Afterlife Arcade, play 30 games — there are no zombies here.
  5. To make things even easier, play the arcade cabinets in the corner. Interact then exit.

Repeat and you’ll have this achievement / trophy done without the hassle.

  • The Bigger They Are

“In Spaceland, defeat 5 Brutes in one game without dying.”

Defeating Brutes isn’t so bad if you have the Oni (Cosmic Way), Bang Bang (Polar Peak Fountain), and plenty of room to run. The best place to fight Brutes is around the Pack-a-Punch portal in Cosmic Way.

  • NOTE: Don’t forget to Pack-a-Punch the Oni pistol too for extra damage against Brutes.

The trick is consistently spawning Brutes. To make five appear, you’ll need the SETI-COM completed. There are 9 possible part locations:

  • Part #1: Calculator
    • Location #1: On the yellow bench on the right side of the center of Cosmic Way, right before reaching the Pack-a-Punch portal.
    • Location #2: On a yellow lunch table in the eating area opposite from the Chromosphere trap in the Kepler System.
    • Location #3: Inside a blue trashcan on the right-side of the upper floor, inside the Astrocade area.
  • Part #2: Boombox
    • Location #1: Lower bridge outside spawn, behind the yellow “Proto-Popcorn” cart.
    • Location #2: Found in the underground tunnel’s break room, on the kitchen counter next to the coffee machine. The room is on the path to the Kepler System.
    • Location #3: On the Moonlight Cafe counter in the Kepler System.
  • Part #3: Umbrella
    • Location #1: On the red bench near the slide, to the right of the bridge that leads to Polar Peak.
    • Location #2: In the Polar Peak gift shop, on the cash register counter near the ramp that leads up to the power switch.
    • Location #3: In Journey into Space, look in the dark corner next to the Star Mission rocket ship trap control panel.

Once you have the parts, turn them in to DJ Hasselhoff in one of the three DJ booths. Next turn, he’ll give you the complete SETI-COM.

Now, place the SETI-COM in an area that vibrates (the Polar Peak Gift Shop, Journey Into Space Entrance, the Underground Tunnels Kitchen, the Cosmic Way bridge, the Bumper Car area, and more. Place it down and let the zombies destroy it.

Why? Because a Brute will spawn when the SETI-COM is smashed.

  • When the Brute spawns, circle around the Cosmic Way portal. You can also easily purchase more ammo from the ONI bench between scenes.
  • To get another SETI-COM (and spawn another Brute) find DJ Hasselhoff. Talk to him for a replacement.
  • Go place the second SETI-COM, let it be destroyed, run to Cosmic Way, etc.
  • Rinse and repeat until you’ve killed 5 Brutes.

  • Get Packed

“In Spaceland, Pack-a-Punch a weapon.”

To find the hidden Pack-a-Punch machine, you’ll need to activate all four power generators (plus the Spawn power switch) to restore power, then use the nearby teleportation portals to return to the center of the park. After teleporting through all four portals, the central portal will reveal a new location you can access.

To leave the spawn area, use the ticket booth power switch. The other four switches are a little trickier to find.

  • Power Generator Locations:
    • Galaxy Journey: Go through the left door of the ‘Star Mission’ attraction with the giant rocket ship facade at the back of the Galaxy Journey area. The switch is on the left wall, before entering the bumper car area.
    • Astrocade: From the Galaxy Journey entrance, find the deactivated portal gateway on the right wall. Continue forward and turn right just past the gateway to find a tiny alcove near a Zombie spawn window. The switch for this mini-area is found here.
    • Polar Peak Roller Coaster: In the Tritan-themed section of the park, enter the roller coaster lobby and take the stairs up. The curved ramp staircase leads to another buy-wall ($1250) — unlock the path and look to the left wall right past the perk machine to find your switch.
    • Kepler System: From the entrance, unlock the left path and go up the stairs to the Moonlight Cafe. The last power switch is connected to the left exterior wall of the cafe, right next to the steps.

The portal devices are always located near the switch. Look on walls exterior to the switch, or on a floor below the switch. The portals are very easy to spot, especially when the power is active. Interact with the control panel next to the portal to activate it and return to the center.

  • I Love the 80’s

“In Spaceland, find the MW1 and MW2 songs.”

To find these retro remix Easter eggs, you’ll need to shoot 3 hidden Teddy Bears for each song. One set of teddies is found on ‘Employee of the Month’ boards, while the other type is located all over the map. Below, we’ll list where to find all the MW1 Teddy Locations.

For a deeper explanation, and a video with audio for the MW1 remix, check out the full guide here:

Employee of the Month – Teddy Locations:

  1. Spawn Area – In the ticket booth where the Quick Revive (Up n’ Atoms) is located.
  2. Astrocade – Go up the right stairs to the upper level and look in the zombie spawn window on your right. The board is on the wall across from the window.
  3. Journey Into Space – Near the doors to Rover Rampage, look for a zombie spawn window with a bloody message (“All Dead”) — the board is on the wall opposite the window.
  4. Underground – In the breakroom on the maintenance tunnels that lead to the Kepler System.
  5. Underground – In the very first room you reach when going into the underground from Kepler. Turn right and you’ll see the board on the white wall.
  6. Underground – In the second room you reach when going down into the tunnels from the Kepler System. From the stairs, turn right at the bottom and look in the ‘Employees Only’ room. The board is on the right wall behind the movie posters.
  7. Kepler System – Up the stairs and turn right at the Chromosphere. Cross the bridge and look in the zombie spawn window on the left. The board is on the opposite wall.
  8. Hyper Slide – At the top of the slide (that leads back down to Cosmic Way) look for a brightly lit employee room behind a zombie spawn window to the left of the slide itself.
  9. Polar Peak – Behind the counter to the right of the roller coaster ride boarding area.

  • Sooooul Key

“In Spaceland, recover the piece of the Soul Key.”

Recovering the Soul Key is the primary objective for Zombies in Spaceland’s main Easter egg quest. To get the Soul Key, you’ll have to follow these basic steps.

  1. Turn on Power to the entire park and use all the portals.
  2. Enter the Pack-a-Punch room through the central portal.
  3. Collect all the SETI-COM pieces and bring them to the DJ Booth.
  4. Get the SETI-COM and place it on three random locations to defend.
  5. Turn the SETI-COM in to the DJ Booth and place the speakers around the PaP Portal.
  6. Repeat the UFO’s color signals using the tone speakers.
  7. Defeat the Alien Boss
  8. Blow up the UFO

That’s a lot for on player to figure out. Get every single step with in-depth explanations on our full walkthrough here.

  • Batteries Not Included

“In Spaceland, craft an Exquisite Core.”

This can only be done AFTER you’ve completed the main Easter egg and defeated the Alien Boss / UFO. Check out the section above for all the details on that.

Once that’s done, you can craft the Elemental Upgrade — here are the basic steps.

  1. Open the door in the Croc Trap (Break teeth with a Brute and use Gold Teeth)
  2. Get all four elemental upgrades, one at a time.
  3. With each elemental upgrade shoot the Croc Trap cabinet and collect the crystal.
  4. Take the Elemental Core and crystal to the Pack-a-Punch room and use the cabinet.
  5. This will remove your currently-held Elemental Core and place it inside the PaP cabinet.
  6. Fill all four slots, then return to the Croc Trap cabinet to purchase.

Even if you’ve built the Wonder Weapons with the crystal, you can still complete this challenge. The X-quisite Core costs 2,000 points and it features a life-sapping poison effect.

In all honesty, the X-quisite Core isn’t that good. It kind of sucks. But, you’ll need it to complete the final Zombies in Spaceland achievement / trophy.

  • Sticker Collector

“In Spaceland, find all of the quest items and complete the sticker packs.”

This is the last achievement / trophy you’ll unlock for Zombies in Spaceland. To get it, you’ll need to complete the following sticker packs:

  • N31l
  • X-quisite
  • Head-cutter
  • Face-melter
  • Dischord
  • Shredder
  • Soul Key (Quest Item!)
  • Glasses (Quest Item! Random Drop)

You’ll have to complete every single step of the Easter egg to get all of these items. Check out the main tutorials above to get details on each — the Head-cutter, Face-melter, Dischord and Shredder are all Wonder Weapons.

Completion – Campaign Achievements / Trophies

These achievements / trophies are all connected to completion milestones — finishing operations, side-quests, and completing the campaign on different difficulty levels. Make sure to complete all side-quests in the campaign before starting Operation: Black Flag.

Veteran difficulty is available from the start. There are no achievements / trophies for completing Specialist or YOLO difficulty.

  • Rising Threat 

“Complete Rising Threat.”

  • Black Sky

“Complete Black Sky.”

  • Operation Port Armor

“Complete Operation Port Armor.”

  • Operation Burn Water 

“Complete Operation Burn Water.”

  • Operation Dark Quarry 

“Complete Operation Dark Quarry.”

  • Operation Black Flag

“Complete Operation Black Flag.”

  • Operation Blood Storm

“Complete Operation Blood Storm.”

  • The Longest Day

“Complete all Single Player missions on Veteran.”

  • Operation Taken Dagger 

“Complete Operation Taken Dagger.”

  • Operation Phoenix 

“Complete Operation Phoenix.”

  • Operation D-Con

“Complete Operation D-Con.”

  • Operation Deep Execute

“Complete Operation Deep Execute.”

  • Targets of Opportunity 

“Complete all ship boarding side missions.”

  • Operation Safe Harbor 

“Complete Operation Safe Harbor.”

  • Operation Pure Threat 

“Complete Operation Pure Threat.”

  • Operation Grave Robber 

“Complete Operation Grave Robber.”

  • Operation Sudden Death

“Complete Operation Sudden Death.”

  • Operation Trace Kill

“Complete Operation Trace Kill.”

  • Top Gun

“Complete all Jackal-only side missions.”

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