Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Palisade CEO White Blocks Puzzle Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Found in the CEO’s office during the Samizdat side-quest, this confounding puzzle unlocks a free Praxis Kit and an easy exit.


Finding alternate paths to solve problems is the hallmark of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and one solution for the Samizdat side-mission is solving a strange white block puzzle located in the Palisade Bank. This weird (and kind of secret) puzzle opens a hidden room with plenty of dirt and an easy escape route. Learn all about this weird puzzle, and how to solve it, with the quickie guide below.

The hidden room contains an additional Praxis Kit, along with one of the collectible eBooks. While this is the easiest way to enter, there is a vent that also leads into the hidden room. In my playthrough, I saved the vent and used it to escape the area easily, but others using the right combination of augments might have an easier time reaching the hidden room through vents. Whichever path you take, this at least answers the mystery of the lightbox puzzle.

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Samizdat Side-Mission – Palisade Bank CEO Office Puzzle

This puzzle is most likely to be encountered while completing the nonlethal branch of the “Samizdat” side-mission, given by Peter Chang in the Taskforce 29 headquarters. But, you can access this puzzle at any point once Adam Jensen arrives in Prague.

The weird puzzle is found in the CEO office on the third floor of the Palisade Property Bank. Near the CEO’s desk, there are three lightboxes on a revolving disc. You can interact with the forward-facing white block and spin the disc around — the goal is to light up all three blocks at once.

Solving the puzzle unlocks the CEO’s hidden office room. The area contains…

  • Praxis Kit
  • eBook

The Praxis Kit is an awesome reward in its own right, and the eBook is required if you’re going for the eBooks collectible trophy.

Puzzle Solution Guide

This is a complicated puzzle. Here are the basics; you can spin the table, whichever block is facing forward can be interacted with. It will go down after each interaction until it resets. The left block will always go down, the right block will always go up. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to match this configuration:

  • Left – 2 Blocks
  • Center – 1 Block
  • Right – 3 Blocks

Here are the exact moves you’ll need to make to efficiently complete this puzzle. This is done from the default position — if you adjust it, these steps won’t work. Reset the puzzle by reloading the Prague map.

NOTE: To interact, TAP to interact once and change the block configuration. HOLD to cycle the disc — only cycle to the NEXT block per interaction.

  1. Tap Interact
  2. Hold Interact
  3. Tap Interact
  4. Hold Interact
  5. Hold Interact
  6. Tap Interact

Follow these steps to complete the puzzle in the least amount of steps. The eBook is on a table opposite the desk, and the Praxis Kit is located in a safe hidden behind a painting on the right wall just as you enter.

The vent located in the room can be used to enter / exit, so solving the lightbox puzzle isn’t your only option for entry.