Kirby: Planet Robobot – What Do All Your Amiibo Unlock?

Only on 3DS: See what all your amiibo can do in Planet Robobot with this complete list covering every amiibo released (so far) and what rewards you’ll get for scanning them.



A new set of amiibo is out specifically for Kirby: Planet Robobot, but what exactly do all those figures unlock in-game? Pretty cool stuff as it turns out. Learn what the new amiibo can do for you in Kirby’s next 3DS adventure. Even your Smash Bros. and non-Smash amiibo can get in on the action, providing plenty of random (and not-so random) prizes for scanning.

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What Do All Your Amiibo Unlock?

Planet Robobot features amiibo functionality for practically every available figure. While in-game, scanning an amiibo will unlock one of several prizes:

  • A new costume for Kirby with customized colors for a pre-existing Copy Ability.
  • A random or set Copy Ability (Depending on the Amiibo Used)
  • An All-New Exclusive Copy Ability


  • When playing as Meta Knight, you’ll gain a random healing item instead of a Copy Ability or costume. I guess Meta Knight’s outfit is too cool as it is for an upgrade.

The best amiibo unlocks are reserved for the Kirby series released in EU/NA on June 10th. This set of four features Kirby, King Dedede, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight. Let’s learn what those amiibo can do first.

Kirby Series –  Exclusive Amiibo Unlocks

When playing as Kirby, you’ll unlock the following bonuses for scanning one of the special four Kirby series amiibo. The Smash Bros. amiibo counter-parts do not count for these unlocks.

  • Kirby: Scanning Kirby unlocks the UFO Copy Ability, an exclusive power that allows Kirby to hop into an alien UFO and blast enemies with lasers while floating around the level. This isn’t a costume or a unique Copy Ability variant, this is a totally new Copy Ability designed just for this amiibo.
  • Meta Knight: Gives Kirby Meta Knight’s creepy mask and the Sword Copy Ability.
  • King Dedede: Gives Kirby King Dedede’s cap and his star-emblazoned Hammer Copy Ability.
  • Waddle Dee: Gives Kirby a fancy blue bandana and a cute recolored Parasol Copy Ability.


Smash Series –  Special Kirby Amiibo Unlocks

The Smash amiibo for Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede don’t provide the awesome bonuses listed above, but they’ll still give you something special in-game. Infact, some of them are totally amazing — just as good if not better than the exclusive rewards.

  • Smash Dedede: Changes Kirby blue and gives King Dedede’s Hammer Copy Ability without the cap.
  • Smash Meta Knight: Changes Kirby into a dark blue and gives the Sword Copy Ability without the mask.
  • Smash Kirby: This is where things get good. This gives Kirby the unique Smash Bros. Copy Ability, giving Planet Robobot Kirby all of his Smash Bros. moves.

All The Rest – Full List of Amiibo Unlocks

That covers all the unique and exclusive amiibo rewards available in Planet Robobot, but what do all the other amiibo do? Here’s a list of every amiibo currently released, and what they’ll do in Planet Robobot when scanned in-game.

NOTE: Only 10 amiibo scans allowed per day. All names listed below cover any variants / alternates — for the purposes of Planet Robobot, all amiibo (Outside the Kirby series) only count for one character.

Use [CTRL+F] and type in the name of your amiibo to quickly find your reward.

  • Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Blathers: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Bowser Jr.: Bomb Copy Ability
  • Bowser: Stone Copy Ability
  • Callie: Poison Copy Ability
  • Captain Falcon: Wheel Copy Ability
  • Celeste: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Charizard: Fire Copy Ability
  • Chibi-Robo: Spark Copy Ability
  • Cyrus: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Dark Pit: Archer Copy Ability
  • Diddy Kong: Bomb Copy Ability
  • Digby: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Donkey Kong: Fighter Copy Ability
  • Dr. Mario: Doctor Copy Ability
  • Duck Hunt: Archer Copy Ability
  • Falco: Jet Copy Ability
  • Fox: Jet Copy Ability
  • Ganondorf: Poison Copy Ability
  • Greninja: Ninja Copy Ability
  • Ike: Sword Copy Ability
  • Inkling Boy: Poison Copy Ability
  • Inkling Girl: Poison Copy Ability
  • Inkling Squid: Poison Copy Ability
  • Isabelle – Winter Outfit: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Jigglypuff: Mic Copy Ability
  • K.K.: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Kapp’n: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Kicks: Leaf Copy Ability
  • King Dedede: Hammer Copy Ability
  • Kirby: Smash Bros. Copy Ability
  • Link: Sword Copy Ability
  • Little Mac: Fighter Copy Ability
  • Lottie: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Lucario: Fighter Copy Ability
  • Lucas: ESP Copy Ability
  • Lucina: Sword Copy Ability
  • Luigi: Fire Copy Ability
  • Mabel: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Marie: Poison Copy Ability
  • Mario: Fire Copy Ability
  • Marth: Sword Copy Ability
  • Mega Man: Random Copy Ability
  • Meta Knight: Sword Copy Ability
  • Mewtwo: ESP Copy Ability
  • Mii Brawler: Fighter -or- Spark -or- Sword Copy Abilities
  • Mii Gunner: Fighter -or- Spark -or- Sword Copy Abilities
  • Mii Swordfighter: Fighter -or- Spark -or- Sword Copy Abilities
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Circus Copy Ability
  • Ness: ESP Copy Ability
  • Olimar: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Pac-Man: Random Copy Ability
  • Palutena: Mirror Copy Ability
  • Peach: Parasol Copy Ability
  • Pikachu: Spark Copy Ability
  • Pit: Archer Copy Ability
  • R.O.B.: Beam Copy Ability
  • Reese: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Resetti: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Robin: Spark Copy Ability
  • Rosalina & Luma: Ice Copy Ability
  • Rover: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Roy: Sword Copy Ability
  • Ryu: Random Copy Ability
  • Samus: Bomb Copy Ability
  • Sheik: Ninja Copy Ability
  • Shovel Knight: Random Copy Ability
  • Shulk: ESP Copy Ability
  • Sonic: Random Copy Ability
  • Timmy & Tommy: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Toad: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Tom Nook: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Toon Link: Cutter Copy Ability
  • Villager: Leaf Copy Ability
  • Wario: Wheel Copy Ability
  • Wii Fit Trainer: Doctor Copy Ability
  • Wolf Link: Random Copy Ability
  • Yarn Yoshi (Blue): Whip Copy Ability
  • Yarn Yoshi (Green): Whip Copy Ability
  • Yarn Yoshi (Mega): Whip Copy Ability
  • Yarn Yoshi (Pink): Whip Copy Ability
  • Yoshi: Whip Copy Ability
  • Zelda: Mirror Copy Ability
  • Zero Suit Samus: Whip Copy Ability

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