Tony Hawk Pro Skater Documentary Seeks Funding Through Indiegogo

You’ve likely played the infamous skateboarding video game series at some point in your life as Tony Hawk Pro Skater has become a staple franchise. The video game franchise is now being a center of interest for one producer who hopes to craft a documentary regarding the video game series as a whole along with the involvement of professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk.

This documentary is being fronted by producer Ralph D’Amato who was also a producer for a number of earlier Tony Hawk’s video games. The film overall will tell the story of the video game franchise creation along with interviews of developers, skaters, and Tony Hawk himself.

The documentary ultimately needs your help, though. Ralph D’Amato is seeking a funding for a total of $75,000 to get everything needed to produce the film. For gamers who are willing to donate, the campaign is available on Indiegogo and just like Kickstarter, the campaign features a number of perks for those who help fund the campaign.

For as little as $15.00, you’ll receive a digital download of the documentary once completed and at the current moment, the film is expected to release at some point in March of 2018. The perks go up to $7,000 where gamers will receive a variety of items such as a session with Tony Hawk, a signed deck, and your face in the documentary.