Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Has a New Canals Map Set in Historic City

Both a new map and some new weapon skins have been added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is based on real-world environments with each area having its own architectural style and gameplay. The CT area is wide open, while the T-controlled territory is a “crescent of smaller spaces” that have multiple approaches to each bomb site.

These bombsites will require “different tactics and weapon choices” for each team, and those who use the canal which runs below site B will be able to “stealthily” approach the CT-controlled area and site A. Site A rewards the use of smoke grenades and rifle skills, Site B is more suited towards submachine guns and shotguns.

Along with the addition of this new map comes the Spectrum Case, which contains 17 community-designed weapon skins and a rare, special item: a second generation of knives in Chroma finishes.

Players can also expect a visual upgrade to the Phoenix Terrorist player model. Adjustments will focus on “preserving character legibility” and improving visual fidelity.