Uncharted 4 Wins the Most GOTY Awards for 2016

The Naughty Dogs title Uncharted 4 is no stranger to trophies and medals. If awards count for anything, then the PS4 exclusive definitely was the best game of 2016.

GOTY Picks bog – a site that add together all of the Game of the Year awards from the media, pointed out that the Uncharted 4 was the overall “big winner” of last year, accumulating a total of 159 Game of the Year awards from both readers and critics.

2016 had a pretty bad reputation, but not for gaming. So the fact that Uncharted 4 took home ‘game of the year’ is definitely impressive.

The runner up for the most Game of the Year awards was Blizzard’s Overwatch, tallying a total of 98 GOTY awards. Third place is DOOM, with 29 awards. This is followed by Battlefield 1 and The Last Guardian, which both managed to get 15 awards.

Uncharted 4 and the Uncharted HD Collection is available now on the PS4.