Borderlands 2 Sexy Easter Egg: Mad Moxxi’s Vibrating Gun

Mad Moxxi

The first Borderlands boasted “87 bazillion” guns, and while that number’s completely made up, the game had plenty of weapons—but not as many as its newly released sequel, which offers a wider range of weapons than every other game on the market.

Not only do the guns look different, they work and feel different from each other, and a good chunk of them even offer unique effects—and I don’t just mean particle effects—that completely change how they work.

Some shotguns talk back to you, while a particular SMG behaves like a mortar. One gun in particular emulates what it’s like to thrust a vibrator. 

It’s called Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch, and you can get it by leaving up to $15,000 in tips in Mad Moxxi’s tip jar at her bar. In addition to that, she’ll also give you Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch. To truly experience what the gun has to offer, you’ll need to have a controller plugged in if you’re playing the game on the PC. With the Good Touch equipped, the controller with vibrate at a low level even when you’re not firing it. 

The fun part happens when you zoom in and out—it’ll vibrate much harder. Have fun with that.


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