Borderlands 2: How To Get Golden Keys, Veteran Skins

Borderlands 2

Anyone who pre-ordered Borderlands 2 is eligible to receive a free Golden Key for use on a Golden Chest. Pre-ordering the game isn’t the only way to receive a key, however, as Gearbox intends to give away these extremely limited items through a variety of promotions available now and in the future. 

If you have managed to acquire a Golden Key from your pre-order, you can head on to Sanctuary, where you’ll find a Golden Chest in the building with the travel terminal. Be forewarned that unlocking it will use up your one-time use key and provide you with a unique item that corresponds to your character level, so be sure to use it much later in the game. 

Acquiring a Bonus Golden Key

You can get a free Golden Key by signing up for the Gearbox Shift program within the game. Simply create an account, hook it up to your e-mail address, and you’ll automatically receive a key when next you play the game. 

Borderlands Bonus Content / Veteran Skins

In addition to golden keys, anyone who has a save file of the original Borderlands present on their computer will receive unique character skins and head models for use on each of Borderlands 2’s four new character classes.


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