Horizon Zero Dawn Receives 20 Minute Walkthrough Demo From Devs

Guerrilla Games David Ford and Dennis Zoetebier took to the PlayStation Blog to bring readers a big 20-minute demo walkthrough of their upcoming game Horizon Zero: Dawn.

The walkthrough, which you can watch in full down below, brings the player on a quest one would see when the game launches next month. Players will see a glimpse into what the game has to offer including different dialogue choices, hunting grounds, and the huge open world map to explore.

Watch the video down below:

In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy will face many challenges on her journey to learn more about her world. In this exclusive video, quest designers David Ford and Dennis Zoetebier show us one of the missions you’ll take on when playing the game.

In addition, the PlayStation Blog also noted 19 new features that they noticed with their time with the highly anticipated game. The list contains some cool features like combat crafting, careful aiming counts, a photo mode, and the fact that each player will be able to customize and shape their version of Aloy to their liking. To read the full list you could click here.

Horizon Zero: Dawn is set to release exclusively for PS4 on February 28.