Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle Unleashes Beat ‘Em Up Joy

Now that Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle is finally available as a digital download for current gen console users, Bandai Namco Entertainment America has released the game’s trailer into the wild.

Mega Battle is based on the Power Rangers series, one of the longest running kids television franchises which first debuted back in 1993. Like the series, Mega Battle draws upon the classic formula of high-flying, beat ’em up action in addition to providing levelling-up abilities accessible through a skill tree, and a galvanising local co-op mode in which players can unite their powers together for the ultimate attack. Players are free to select their Power Ranger of choice in the fight against grotesque baddies and bosses, but ultimately, it isn’t who they select that determines the outcome of the battle, but adept use of weapons and martial arts.

Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users at a recommended retail price of $14.99 USD.