Farming Simulator 17 and Resogun are Going Pro

Ps4 Pro upgrades are being patched into games all the time. The latest two games to get these upgrades patched in are Resogun and Farming Simulator 17. Farming Simulator 17’s upgrade is out now, while Resogun might take a bit more time, but should be out soon enough as developer- Housemarque- knows players are anxious for it.


Farming Simulator 17 will come with three modes for players to choose from. The first beingĀ Ultra HD and runs at 4K resolution with an unconfirmed frame rate. The second is in Quad HD and displays the game at 1440p and 60 FPS. The final one is just a HD mode, which is the lowest resolution mode at 1080p, but it does come with a 60 FPS and an improved draw distance.header-1

Unfortunately, Housemarque didn’t announce what will be included in the Resogun patch upgrade