Rockstar’s PS2 Classic Bully Brings Scholastic Misdemeanour to Mobile

Rockstar’s decade old old action adventure game Bully is making the jump to mobile devices, quashing past rumours that a new Bully game was on the way. The Anniversary Edition comes packed with all the content included in 2008’s Scholarship edition, plus some additional features to enhance the gameplay experience.


The mobile port, which was developed in conjunction with War Drum Studios, has native support for high resolution displays, dynamic lighting, shadows and particle effects. It also comes with smart touch controls and timely contextual buttons, and supports physical controllers. Players can even challenge their friends using turn based multiplayer on the go, and receive a notification when it’s their turn.

Bully joins the growing list of new, remastered and spin-off versions of games coming to mobile, including The Tomorrow ChildrenSuper Mario Run and Microsoft Solitaire.

Bully is available from both the App Store and Google Play Store. The download clocks in at 2.4GB and will work with iPhone 5 and upward.