Dystopian Soviet Sandbox The Tomorrow Children to get a Mobile Spin-Off

Originally announced in 2014, The Tomorrow Children is a PS4 exclusive sandbox MMO that was released for free just a few months ago. Now a mobile spin-off will let players sample the post-apocalyptic puzzles on the go.


The gameplay essentials of the original game involve inhabiting, expanding and protecting towns located in a bleak stretch of expanse called the Void. The Void is a place where humanity has been utterly vaporised thanks to an experiment gone wrong. To regain some semblance of humanity, players control a projection clone created with the purpose of exploring the Void in search of matryoshka dolls. The dolls contain trapped human souls, and must be united to help reconstruct the towns.

In contrast, the mobile version will be a more condensed representation of The Tomorrow Children that offers 2 modes: Craft Puzzle and Time Attack. Both modes are casual puzzle games which reflect the Soviet themes of the original title.

Interested players can download The Tomorrow Children app from the App Store and the Google Play Store absolutely free.