The Tomorrow Children Goes Free-To-Play On PlayStation 4


You might have recalled The Tomorrow Children during E3 2015 along with its first appearance during Gamescom 2014. This is an exclusive video game title for PlayStation 4, from development team Q-Games. After releasing on PlayStation 4 as an early access title, the video game is now available free for everyone.

The Tomorrow Children is a Soviet Union-themed post-apocalyptic dystopia. Gamers must work in gathering resources, crafting, town management, among other daily tasks. As mentioned above, the video game first released on PlayStation 4 last month where gamers could gain access to the early access title by purchasing the Frontier Pack, but now the game is available for free.

Dylan Cuthbert, president and executive producer for Q-Games, alerted fans of the new free-to-play video game title on the official PlayStation Blog. Furthermore, Dylan revealed that the video game has been updated after hearing the initial feedback from fans along with adding other new content to the game such as islands, tools, costumes, and more.

It’s worth noting that while fans originally were able to gain access to the video game by the purchase of a $20 DLC known as the Frontier Pack, that pack is still available. You can check out what all comes with the DLC pack by checking the list down below.

Frontier Pack
  • Bourgeoisie papers
  • Level 1 Arms License
  • Level 1 Tools License
  • EagleCorp Jetpack
  • Three avatars
  • 500 Freeman dollars
  • PS Plus-exclusive costume