Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Standalone Title Announced, Will Star Chloe & Nadine

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy opened up the 2016 PSX Showcase with a bang teasing players up to the very end. The newly announced standalone Uncharted title will star fan favorite character Chloe, and familiar foe, Nadine.

The game is said to take place after Uncharted 4, in which Chloe and Nadine are partnering up and going on an adventure together. Check out the full trailer down below:

Not much is known about what the two will be going after, but the game is going to be set in India. Naughty Dog explains that the newly released gameplay demo is actually the beginning of the game, where the two must sneak into a war-torn city to find a clue. There is no mention of Nathan Drake making an appearance in the game as well.

The Lost Legacy will also be much longer expansion than previous DLC’s. It’s going to be in between the length of Uncharted 4 and the Left Behind DLC. This will give Naughty Dog enough time to fully flesh out the story and give players more bang for their buck. They also note that The Lost Legacy will be “wide linear”, meaning players will have more freedom to explore rather than just follow a set path; similar to Uncharted 4.

As of now, there is no release date for the standalone title.