Knack 2 Announced For PlayStation 4, Will Feature Co-op

Sony announced the sequel to its launch title platformer, Knack, this morning at PlayStation Experience 2016.

Simply titled as Knack 2, the game will follow Knack and the gang on another adventure. Shuhei Yoshida debut the game with a new trailer, which you can watch below:

One of the biggest features of Knack 2 is that there’s a new improved co-op mode. The original Knack had a co-op mode, but it wasn’t a major gameplay feature Japan Studio pushed. Knack launched back in 2013 as one of the PS4’s first launch titles, which led it to get greenlit for a sequel.

Besides the announcement and new trailer, Knack 2 received little to no more details. Expect to hear more in the coming months.